Sushi Bar


Lagasca 5 - 28001 Madrid
Telf. +34 91 431 93 08

De lunes a domingo de 13:30h a 15:45h y de 20:30h a 23:45h.

Sushi Bar Shikku Lagasca

Shikku Lagasca sushi bar is caracterized by its impressive wide and gross limestone bar, where the sushimen will offer you friendly attendance and recommend you personally throughout your meal, offering the best products of the day. The sushi bar offers you traditional sushi and sashimi freshly cut in your presence. Our Maki, Uramaki and Nigiri menu is creative, fusioning modern and traditional japanese cuisine.

Shikku Lagasca Sushi Bar is situated on the right side as you enter the Restaurant. A very colourful and well iluminated area with capacity for 6 clients.